#ManUpSpeakOut Campaign

This Club was set up with one goal in mind, to break down the stigma of Mental Health within the game.

Success is different for every Club. For us, we just want to get bodies back playing football, and to get guys talking about their mental state.

Through the game, we will all have heard the phrase "Man Up". A phrase that basically says, you are male and you shouldn't have anything to complain about. Whatever you are feeling isn't worthy of speaking about. This is NOT the case.

Unfortunately, the term is still rife in the game. Many have tried to eradicate the term, to no avail. As a Club & Charity, we are hoping to flip the term.

"Man Up, Speak Out" is to tell any man struggling, that opening up and talking is the bravest thing they can do. It is also the first step towards actively helping themselves overcome their poor Mental Health.

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